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The title of my Blog is a play on William Morris’ title “Well at the Words End”. One of the many books I have wanted to reread, having read it in my teens. What I remember from the book was its fairy tale atmosphere and the feeling that one was standing on the cusp of reality and eternity. I now know that, for me, the world will end. Probably in the near future. At least nearer than before my diagnosis. So, I too am standing at the precipice of reality and eternity.

And, sorry to be Cassandra like, so is anyone else reading this. I just happen to have a more concrete timeline than most.


One thought on “Blog Title

  1. Do you know the book “World’s End” by T. Coraghessan Boyle? Read it a long time ago. As a remember, a wild and crazy journey through centuries of actions and reactions made by Hudson River families, including Native American residents, Dutch settlers, and their descendants.


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