…And There Are the Good Days

I’ve been enjoying the comments I’ve received so far. A former student wrote “Personally I would like to hear not only about the disease itself or the bad things, but rather the good things, how your perception of things have changed for the better, how Eliot and Isaac are doing”. I had been thinking the same thought. After all, what is the point of this process if I’m not enjoying the life I have.

For various reasons which I will get into in later posts I have tried to live my life as if it were to end in the near future. I’m not the one to have a bucket list of adventure and travel that I need fulfilled. I have accomplished much that has made me happy. I have a loving wife and family. I have friends who are very dear to me. I have two wonderful sons who make me proud. I have been able to make my living as a professional musician. To me the secret of happiness is not in some far off goal or place but in the enjoyment of the mundane moments that occur while you are on the road to those goals.

Now that I’ve switched my chemo sessions to Fridays I am able to perform on the weekends. Last week I played some school concerts and got to share the fun with my younger son Eliot. “Peter and the Wolf” was one of the pieces. This is one of those early childhood seminal pieces that I love to this day. The fact that the main character shares my name might also have something to do with why it’s been important to me. Since this gig was an overnighter Eliot and I shared a lot of time together. This was a treasure worth more than any trip or goal.

I played Saturday night for a Rolling Stones Pops Concert. It felt good to be back on stage with my symphony friends. I really missed performing. Even if it’s not my favorite repertoire I still can’t believe how lucky I’ve been to make my living as a musician and I try to remind myself of that each time I’m on stage.

Thursday my older son Isaac is coming to town on his tour with “Cabaret”. I’ve been lucky enough to see him have success in musical theater. It’s hard to believe that the inexpierienced teenager we dumped off in New York City, telling him, “Here’s your opportunity, take it”, has come so far.

Unlike some of my earlier posts I don’t have a great concluding paragraph. Frankly I think that is appropriate. Feeling the sun on my face while I walk the dog, enjoying cooking a meal for the family are the wonderfully amazing mundane things that make a good day. As they say here in Louisiana,”The rest is lagniappe.


7 thoughts on “…And There Are the Good Days

  1. Me again, smelling the onions and garlic from here. I’m a big fan of the mundanities of life. Also a big fan of yours as you know. CKXX


  2. Hi Peter,
    Loved your comment about being able to perform for a living. It’s a great rehearsal or concert when I can look around and say, “I can’t believe that I get to do this”. Your journey is reminding me of the need for gratitude on a daily basis. We’re all with you!


  3. The idea of a “bucket list” always seemed odd, even repellent to me. Maybe it’s the fact that I am usually thinking metaphorically and filling the bucket before kicking the bucket is what keeps coming into my mind when I hear the phrase. And then I picture this old beat up metal bucket and the song, “There’s a Hole in the Bucket”. I could go on and on. And don’t even get me started on what people actually mean when they talk about their “bucket list”. I feel like hitting them over the head with a bucket!


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